Net Curtains – Overview & Benefits

Some people think that net curtains are old fashioned and a thing of the past. However, we simply know this is not the case. We offer an extensive range of net curtains and here our great reasons why you should choose them for your windows:

  • Home Safety + Crime Prevention – Net curtains have been cited as one of the front-line defences against burglary, as they act as an obstacle to your valuables. This is even more evident in city centre, where houses and apartments are in closer proximity to one another.
  • Let Lots of Light Into Your Room – You don’t sacrifice your privacy to allow light into your room with net curtains.
  • Can Help With Asthma – Net curtains can trap and filter dust and pollen in the air. It is recommended that your net curtains are washed once every 6 months to assist in the continued filtration of dust and pollen. Net curtains can be hand washed with ease as they are simple to take down and put back up again.
  • Easy To Fit – Net curtains don’t involved any drilling or screwing, making them very simple to install. A spring-loaded tension rod means they can be fitted in under a minute.
  • Excellent Value For Money – One of the major benefits of net curtains is their price. They are extremely affordable and represent excellent value for money.
  • Easy To Clean – As net curtains are much lighter, they can be hand washed or machine washable (low temperature/ delicate wash).