Hanging Readymade Curtains

Top tips to hang your readymade curtains to perfection

  1. Make sure you’ve the correct size. As a general rule, to have your readymade curtains hanging nicely, you want to have 2x the width of your rail or your pole to give your curtains fullness and gather. For your drop, measure from the top of your pole or rail to where you want the curtains to come down to. There are standard drops in readymade curtains, i.e. 54″, 72″, 90″ and in some cases 108″. If you fall in between these sizes, we can alter them for you. Contact us by email or phone and we will do our best to help.
  2. Iron or steam your curtains. This will take any creases out of your curtains to ensure they sit right when hung. This will be a must when buying readymade curtains as the folds in the packaging will undoubtedly create creases in your curtains.
  3. For pencil pleat curtains, make sure you put on your curtain hooks before hanging your curtains. For eyelet curtains, have the eyelets stacked back ready for hanging.
  4. Don’t do it alone. Heavy curtains can be awkward to hang so ask a friend or family member to help when possible.