Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat or Gathered Finish

Readymade pencil pleat curtains can be used with all types of curtain poles or tracks.

1. Iron the curtain on the reverse, i.e. iron on the lining side of the curtain.

2. Tie off the cords at one end of the curtain header.

3. Hold the tie cords firmly in one hand whilst gently pushing the curtain heading evenly along the cords. Each curtain should be reduced to approx. half of the total width of your curtain pole/track.

4. At the other end of the top of the curtain, tie the cords loosely so that they can easily be undone for cleaning. You can then tuck the excess cord in between the tape and the curtain.

5. Form the gathered heading into even pleats along the width of the curtain.

6. Divide up the number of curtain rings or gliders you have evenly to each side of your curtain pole/track.

7. Insert your curtain hooks evenly along the pocketed tape to correspond with the number of rings or gliders you have.